Early quality

Sevillana de Patatas has a complete flexibility to get adapted to the specific needs of every client. In this sense, the more demanded services are:

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Crop production on demand:

We agree with the client the production of a crop in terms of variety, amount, quality, shedule and price, so that meets the client needs. On the basis of it, we select the farmers and the production systems needed for the demanded production. We keep the quality control of the production throughout the crop period, as well as during the harvesting and shipment to the client. The client has access to datailed information at any moment, about the evolution of his crop.


Production, marketing and distribution of our own crops and thrid parties:

Under this modality our farmers produce the most opportune varieties according to the tendencies of the market and Sevillana de Patatas commercializes them among its portfolio of clients. In the same way, Sevillana de Patatas keeps the quality control and assessment to the farmers so that the crops arrive in an optimal way at the market. Facing the clients, Sevillana de Patatas offers them the more accurate information about the crops that are being produced in every place and about its conditions. So they can buy what better adjusts to their needs.


Crop Processing:

On demand, Sevillana de Patatas offers to its clients the possibility of cold storage, washing, bagging, labeling and distribution of batches, in collaboration with Hermanos González Arrebola. It is a service that can be offered with great flexibility to adapt to the client needs.